Market Opportunities, February 11

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For the week of February 11th

Close contact with our growers about current weather and growing conditions allows us to give weekly updates to keep you informed. We offer current quality and market updates for each category of produce all in one place. Here are some products with great quality and prices this week.

Good supplies of pea pods and sugar snaps continue to come in from Guatemala and Peru with good quality. Prices are steady to lower. English peas have started again, with light supplies and fair quality.

Steady supplies of green peppers are coming in from Mexico with good quality and no change in pricing. Red and Yellow supplies are greatly improving and quality has been very nice.

Blackberry supplies are coming from Mexico and Guatemala. Blueberry supplies are coming from Chile. Very good quality supplies are coming in and prices continue to remain steady.

Supplies continue to be good coming in from the Oxnard California
growing area, however the holiday pull has been very strong, and growers are having issues keeping up with the demand. Strawberries from Florida are looking very good, and prices are steady to higher due to strong demand. Growers are expecting supplies to continue to improve after the holiday, and quality is expected to be very good.


Download the full Market Advisory:

Market Advisory_February 11