Market Alerts, October 15

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For the week of October 15, 2017

Close contact with our growers about current weather and growing conditions allows us to give weekly updates to keep you informed. We offer current quality and market updates for each category of produce all in one place. Here are some products to buy with caution this week.

White Mushrooms & Crimini:
With the typical Hay Harvest switching, remaining effects of the hurricanes and green mold issues throughout the industry, we are currently in a severe mushroom shortage. We do not expect relief from this shortage for another week or two.

Supplies continue to be limited coming in from California and Guatemala. Quality remains ok, but we can expect to see some soft berries and possible scattered spots of mold in the cases. Prices are steady to higher.

The Valencia crop is done for the this season. We are entering into a gap on oranges in California. The Navel crop is expected to start with limited volumes the week of October 23rd, pending on weather and how the fruit tests out. Once Navels do start, it will take 3 to 4 weeks to get up to speed on full production.

Mixed color carrots are very limited in supplies! The pack right now consists of orange, yellow and a few purple carrots. Supplies are expected to improve in November out of California

Head Lettuce:
The market has taken off as the remaining acreage in Salinas is not nearly enough to finish the season out. Prices have jumped and product quality has suffered. The main quality issue we are seeing now is that most shippers are sending 30ct lettuce instead of 24ct. We will see
these small heads for the rest of the season.


Download the full Market Advisory:

Market Advisory_October 15