Market Alerts, March 11

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For the week of March 11th

Close contact with our growers about current weather and growing conditions allows us to give weekly updates to keep you informed. We offer current quality and market updates for each category of produce all in one place. Here are some products to buy with caution this week.

California supplies have become tight due to cooler temps and rain. Prices are up slightly. Quality issues we may see are bruising and some white shoulders. The Florida season is coming to the last few weeks of supplies, and we can expect to see smaller sizing, but the quality should be good.

Supplies have become very limited in Mexico due to the cold weather they have experienced over the past week, and prices are way up. Honduras has just started shipping supplies into Florida, which will give a little help to the supply chain. Quality report from Honduras are good.

Mexico production has gradually increased but the quality is something we need to watch due to the poor growing conditions (rains and cold temps). Markets look to remain unsteady for the next couple weeks.

Cold weather affected supplies in Yuma 2 weeks ago. We are seeing the consequences now with higher prices and very limited availability across the board. Head Lettuce: Supplies are ok on iceberg. Markets have ticked up a bit but nothing drastic yet. We will most likely see quality issues related to freezing over the next few weeks. Romaine: Expect to see some blister and peel in our carton romaine due to the cold temperatures in Yuma. The market has started climbing up, as growers will have to stretch their product through to transition in April.


Download the full Market Advisory:

Market Advisory_March 11