Market Alerts, June 10

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For the week of June 10th

Close contact with our growers about current weather and growing conditions allows us to give weekly updates to keep you informed. We offer current quality and market updates for each category of produce all in one place. Here are some products to buy with caution this week.

Supplies are limited coming in from Guatemala and California and light supplies are getting started in Georgia. Quality has only been fair on supplies, and prices are steady to slightly higher.

Light supplies remain out of Mexico and Texas. The market remains firm and we do not expect relief until we get into some new growing areas. Over all quality has been average.

Anjou variety supplies are very limited out of Washington and are in the hands of only a couple shippers. What is left out of Washington is mostly large in size 70/80/90’s and the quality is not very good on what is available. We will not see any relief until California’s new crop starts Mid July. Red pear supplies from Washington and Bosc pears from Argentina are also limited.

The fruit did not mature as expected and supply levels on larger fruit is non existent. We are seeing good quality on smaller fruit, but very light supplies and small fruit is making it difficult to get any large volumes. We are seeing good quality on smaller fruit. This market will be very tight until around the second week of July. Grapes as a whole are down about 5 million cases in Mexico compared to what is normal.


Download the full Market Advisory:

Market Advisory_June 10