Market Advisory, October 28

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For the week of October 28th

Close contact with our growers about current weather and growing conditions allows us to give weekly updates to keep you informed. We offer current quality and market updates for each category of produce all in one place.


Here are some products with great quality and prices this week.

We are shipping all “new” crop apples from Washington. Local apples are Cortland, McIntosh, Sweetango, Haralson and Honeycrisp varieties this week.

We are seeing good supplies on all pears out of Washington. Currently stocking Red, Bosc, and Seckel and Bartlett. Asian Pears are coming from California.

California supplies are steady right now, with steady pricing and decent quality. No gaps in supply are expected as we transition to Mexico.

Local Product Availability: Apples, Carrots, Hydro Bibb lettuce, Bushel Boy Tomatoes, Radishes, Red Potatoes, Kale, Lacinato Kale, Medium Carton Red and Green Cabbage, Acorn, Butternut, Buttercup, Spaghetti squash , Revol Greens.


Here are some products to buy with caution this week.

We will be transitioning this week into navels. As we do, you will notice a lighter color, more “green” as we start. This will get better as we get into the season. Markets are off from last week as we are now finally seeing better supplies on smaller sized fruit.

Pepper supplies are limited out of all growing areas. We will be pulling green peppers from Georgia and colored pepper from California/Mexico. All markets will probably be higher due to light supplies

Growers are reporting being 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule in Salinas as we near the end of the season there. Markets are starting to react, as prices are ticking upwards. There is a good chance we will see limited availability and higher pricing over the next 3 weeks.

California supplies continue to be steady, with lower demand across the country. Berries are running a little smaller in size, and we can expect some softer berries and light bruising. Prices are steady to higher.


Download the full Market Advisory:

Market Advisory_Oct 28