BIX Summer Specialty Picks

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BIX offers the best variety of products to complete your menu.

BIX brings more to the table. When you partner with us, you don’t just get access to the highest quality selection of fresh produce and specialty products. You tap into a team of passionate produce experts who’ve been delivering tailored service to meet every customer’s unique needs for more than 80 years.

Explore the full July Flyer: BIX July Flyer


BIX Produce Summer Specialty Picks

Ninja RadishPurple Ninja Radish

#7760 – 24 count




Firecracker MizunaFirecracker Mizuna

#4186 – 1.15 lbs.




Golden BerriesGolden Berries

#2313 – 12/6 oz.




Variety MelonsVariety Melons

Crenshaw #3180 – 6-8 count
Galia #3310 – 6-8 count
Juan Canary #3300 – 6-8 count



*New at BIX*

Grown locally in Baldwin, Wisconsin, these micro blends were created by our BIX team and are exclusive to BIX.

Seafood MicroSeafood Micro Blend

#438 – 4oz.

Sorrel, Chervil, Scallion, Dill



Meat MicroMeat Micro Mix

#430 – 4oz.

Red Mustard, Scallion, Kale, Red Pak Choi



Gold ChanterelleGold Chanterelle Mushrooms (SO)

#6115 – 1 lb.




Snicker Big BlitzThe Big Blitz Snickers Pie

#52606 – 28 slices




BW Petit FoursB&W Petit Fours

#57024 – 144 count




EZ8 BarsEZ8 Variety Bars (Sliced)

#52591 – 66 bars




Summerberry StackSummerberry Stack

#52626 – 64 slice